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How to help a dog that is afraid of being groomed

If your dog is afraid of being groomed there are steps you can take to make them more comfortable.

Start by interacting with the brush in positive ways. For example, while sitting on the sofa or other relaxed atmosphere, simply just have the brush in your hand. If your dog doesn't react negatively then offer praise and a reward such as a treat. Do this several times a day until your dog seems confident around the brush.

Slowly progress to just touching with the brush and reward if there is calm behavior.

Do not, however, react negatively if your dog is nervous or moves away. Just simply pull the brush away and stay calm. You will slowly progress to being able to brush your dog and it will be a rewarding experience. You can also use the same method with nail clippers.

At Dogs in the Driveway, our groomers have years of experience helping timid and shy dogs have the most relaxing grooming experience possible! Your dogs experience is our number one priority and we'll always take extra time to help your dog acclimate to being groomed.

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