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Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I be in the van with my pet during the groom? 
Yes, however if the pet pays more attention to you and is not cooperating with the groomer you may be asked to wait inside your home. It can be dangerous for the pet if they are not paying attention.

Can my children be inside the van to watch?
No. You must be 18 years of age or older to be inside the grooming van.

Can I schedule appointments in advance?
Absolutely!  We encourage you to get on a recurring schedule to keep your pet looking their best.

How long does the groom take?
Time spent will vary on pet size and what services you selected.  While taking your pet to a storefront salon can leave you wondering when your pick up time is, our service will generally never take more than a couple of hours and we will be right outside your front door the entire time.

Is there a size limit? 
We do not have a weight limit.   If they fit in the tub they are welcome.

Do you groom all breeds? 
Yes! We love them all.

What is your payment policy?
Cash, check, Venmo, or credit card payment is due at time of service.

Why should I choose mobile grooming? 
-No scary car rides.
-We come to you and stay right outside your front door the whole time.
-Your pet has a one-on-one experience with their groomer, which builds trust without the distraction of other animals and people.
-You aren't waiting to hear when your pet is ready to be picked up.
-No cages!

Will you need to hook up to my house? 
No.  The grooming van is 100% self sufficient.

Do you groom cats?

Not at this time. 

Still Have Questions?
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