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Mobile dog grooming for large dogs

Even though we are mobile we have no problem grooming large dogs, and can provide a stress free and comfortable experience for any size pet!

Our van is equipped with a platform that raises up and can transfer a large dog from the floor to the tub and back. This prevents the stress of having to lift your dog into the tub, so your dog feels stable and secure the entire time.

Our van is small but mighty! The tub is big enough for even very large dogs!

When the bath is finished, we use warm and cool, adjustable strength, dryers to get your dog dry quickly! Nail trims and ear cleaning are always included too.

Unlike traditional groomers, we never put dogs in cages. They go straight into the the grooming process! This eliminates the added stress and anxiety of being in a cage waiting before and after the grooming.

No matter the size of your dog, we always take our time to ensure each dog is comfortable and has a good grooming experience.

So whether you have a Burmese Mountain dog, Great Pyrenees, Mastiff, or even a Great Dane, Dogs in the Driveway is here for all your mobile grooming needs.

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