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How does mobile dog grooming work?

1. Book on-line from our website.

- Click the Book Now button and you can see a list of all of our services and pricing. Pricing varies by dog size, and coat type.

-Enter information about your dog; name, weight, breed, vaccination date, Veterinarian number, health issue, or concerns

-Pick the services you want. We are a full service salon that comes right to your door! So whether you're pet just needs a bath, or needs the works we customize every service to your pets needs. ( Ask about our specality services like the Blue berry facial)

-Select a time and date that works for you

-Click submit! Our team will review your appointment and send you a confirmation.

2. Confirmation and Reminder

You will receive a text confirmation for the appointment you requested and a text reminder the day before

3. Pre-Groom Consult

Our van arrives at your scheduled appointment time, and the groomer will come to your door to have a consult with you regarding the desired services and any concerns you might have. We take our time to make sure your pet is comfortable. If the services change during the consultation, you will only be charged for the services that are agreed upon.

Our van is spacious enough for any size dog, we love to pamper dogs of any size, breed, or hair type!

4. It's Bath Time!

Your dog will be pampered with a warm soapy bath, warm dryers, and the cut and services that you requested. The van is self-sufficient and there is no need for us to plug into your house or use your hose.

5. Your dog is returned to your doorstep.

Once the groom is complete, the groomer will bring your dog back to you and re-book for next time. No cages and no waiting for a pick up time!

Mobile grooming is the easiest and most stress free way to care for your pet's coat and hygiene. We're also offering 10% off your first groom for all new customers!

If you still have questions about how mobile grooming works please Contact Us We're happy to answer any questions or concerns you have.

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